Halloween fun!

24 October 18

Posted at 1:01

Hello! I've just been having a little fun with some GIF's for a consumer email going out this weekend - what do you think? Happy Halloween everyone!


Freshening up!

22 October 18

Posted at 1:57


Over the past month or so, I've been tweaking the I Shoot Shoes website to fit more in line with www.willfahyphoto.com, adding a split landing page and new 'About' pages, which you'll have seen if you're reading this.

I was hoping to get all this ready sooner, but have been suffering with shingles for the last couple of weeks - but am on the mend and picking up where I left off.

Whilst freshening the I Shoot Shoes website up, I've also updated the main gallery with some new imagery - some can be seen below some of which was, from a recent series of shoots with Walktall.

I've a meeting with the director of an exciting, award winning brand this week. His company develop products for infants and babies - with a cracking website to back it all up, it should be a great project to get involved with.

Here's a few shots I've recently added - see more in the full gallery, here!


Feminists Don't Wear Pink

09 October 18

Posted at 2:36

In the early part of last week I had a call to shoot for Penguin at last minute, luckily the timings fitted around my other commitments, so I was happy to say yes.

The sold out event was held at the Rio Cinema, Dalston - which was a live panel of 4 women who feature in the book Feminists Don't Wear Pink (and other lies) talking about feminism and what it means to them. 

This, taken from the event promo explains it far better than I ever could:

Maybe being a feminist isn’t quite what you thought it was…

We’re bringing four AMAZING women together to celebrate the launch of the much anticipated Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies).

In a discussion that aims to bridge the gap between the feminist hashtags and scholarly texts and to debunk the myths that surround feminism - Curator of the book and co-founder of the Pink Protest Scarlett Curtisalongside Liv Little, founding editor-in-chief of Gal-DemCharlie Craggs, trans activist and founder of award winning national campaign Nail Transphobia and Deborah Francis-White, host of the hit podcast The Guilty Feminist will offer personal stories about what the F-word means to them.

Don’t miss out on what will no doubt be a rich and lively discussion around navigating being a woman in today’s society, why we need to bang the drum for feminism and why feminists really do wear pink.

Here's a few shots from the event...

Thanks for stopping by, Will