The Levellers, Sean McGowan and Nick Parker

27 November 18

Posted at 1:59

I set off for Bristol last Friday evening, I wanted to get there early to catch the support acts, especially Nick Parker as I've worked with him before. Back in 2010 we shot a music video in and around Glastonbury and on the festival site itself. The traffic was horrendous with all the roadworks around Templemeads and Broadmead, meaning I only just made it in time - but was well worth it, as it always is with Nick.

It was the first time I'd seen Sean McGowan, and was pretty impressed, I enjoyed each song the band played and they were warmly welcomed by the growing crowd waiting for The Levellers. The stage lighting was really great to shoot in during this set - it makes a much more enjoyable shoot, and the results are vastly improved when the lighting is good. Here are a few images during the Sean McGowan set at the O2 Academy Bristol - for the full gallery, click here --->


Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

Sean McGowan - Bristol O2 Academy

The Levellers took to the stage in Bristol, the middle night on a 5 show tour to celebrate 30 years! It's just mad to think that Beautiful Day was released in 1997, it's the song that comes to mind when the levellers are mentioned - but there are other big tunes in their catalogue too!

Here are a few shots from The Levellers set, the lighting started off quite moody, but improved as we worked through our allotted time to shoot them.

For more images of Nick Parker, Sean McGowan and The Levellers, please follow the link - here ---->


Converse retouching

18 November 18

Posted at 10:44

Retouching is a big part of what I do - although it may not look like it, and sometimes that's the point - I don't always want it to look retouched. This image was put together from shooting one shoe. Any guesses which colour I shot?

The shoe I shot was the maroon one, and then recoloured the others in the image - it came out pretty well. Obviosuly I can drop in any background required, this was just something I popped on to make it just a little more interesting for my purposes here.

This image was used to feature on an upcoming consumer email - offering 30% off, below is the corresponding web banner for the homepage.

Back soon, Will


Shingle all the way

10 November 18

Posted at 12:07

It's been about 5 weeks of aches and pains so far with my bout of shingles, which hasn't been fun, and has made work quite difficult to complete, luckily this week I got 3 big projects out the way and signed off, which was great. This came just in time as my shingle pain decided to come back with a bang on Thursday causing me to faint whilst going down the stairs, no injuries though so I'm on bed rest now.

Having opened this post about aches and pains, and doing too much - I got a call this morning about a job that I couldn't turn down - it's not until we're in December, so I have plenty of time to prepare for it. I'm really looking foward to this one, I can't say anything at the moment, but will do as soon as I can.

As I just mentioned, the latest Walktall flyer (the Christmas edition) was signed off this week and will be going out to customers on Black Friday.

Walktall Premium Camden

This shot will be featured on the back cover, promoting Walktall's Premium Range of formal footwear, this was quite a fun one to shoot - the use of gels and confetti to give a bit of a party feel to the image. I had to be careful with the gels - I wanted to avoid covering the shoe with coloured light so I mounted some old barn doors to a flash head (which wouldn't look out of place on Shitty Rigs - I'll make sure I post it on Instagram!) to control the coverage of the gels. I left a little highlight on the toe just to keep the shoes feeling part of the natural image.

Anyway, off to sleep for me - a weekend full of R&R for me!

Back soon, Will