Britrock must be destroyed!

26 May 18

Posted at 1:06

It was HOT and sweaty last night in Motion/The Marble Factory, Bristol! Reef, Wildhearts and Terrorvision on the bill...alongside Dodgy who played early and I unfortunately missed as doors opened at 5pm! The photopit was pretty full for the second to last night of the 8 date Britrock Must Be Destroyed tour but I was pretty happy with some of these, despite sweating buckets running around on the balcony to grab some nice angles of the stage.

I've shot Reef a few times before, there's always the trademark mic swing and a couple of high kicks, even after 25 years of Reef you can tell they absolutely still love playing live! It was the first time shooting Terrorvision (who didn't play Tequila! ...what's that about?) and Wildhearts - while both entertaining, and the crowd loved it, they weren't too dynamic to photograph. 

Motion was packed, with sweat (and beer) dripping from the rafters.


Gotta feel for the lady under his arse.


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New Balance for Walktall

18 May 18

Posted at 1:29

Shooting for a recent catalogue for Walktall, one of the concepts I came up with was for a pair of New Balance 910v4, a trail runner. This was to sit on a spread with one other lifestyle image along with a bunch of cutouts, the catalogue is only 8 pages - so space is tight! The spread shows this shot, cropped much tighter to give the shoes the most impact on the page. I'm really pleased with this shot, using natural light on a May afternoon, meaning the sun is starting to drop down in the sky creating nice long shadows.

I wanted a location to suit these shoes, with the rise in popularity of ParkRun, this style of running shoes known as trail shoes are becoming more and more popular - so showing them on feet, on location was important in this image. This image is incredibly versatile as it can be cropped to fit a variety of very different uses.

We shot for about an hour on this shoot, the light was fantastic, dappling as it came through the leaves and overgrowth - out of shot to the left is a circular reflector bouncing the light back on to the subject, and that's all I used to light this. Processed with Capture One Pro 10, I raised the shadows a little and controlled the highlights a little. 

During this shoot, I thought it was important to show some of the details of this Trail running shoe, most people shopping for this style of shoe will be looking out for certain things like the tread and ankle support. We'll use shots like this on consumer emails where we have the space to really highlight some of the great features of this shoe.

One last thanks to N-Photo Mag for giving me such great coverage in the May edition - let me know what you think of it!


More news coming soon, Will


N-Photo Feature

11 May 18

Posted at 9:07

Yesterday on May 10th, I got my hands on N-Photo issue 85, if you take a close look at the cover at the bottom, there's a reason why N-Photo is a little more exciting than usual...they were kind enough to give me a double page feature!

The feature focuses on my work with shoes. Now, I'm not totally sure about the footwear fetishist comment, but I can see why they might have thought that. I'm quite proud of this, it's great to think that the people at N-Photo have shown such an interest in my work. If you want to see more about my work with shoes, pick up a copy or head over to

Click the image below - it'll take you over to Instagram where you'll see the moment I picked up my copy!

Thanks, Will