Feature Friday

27 April 18

Posted at 9:56

Time to look back at an older image. This shot is from Looe 2016, the top of the Helter Skelter proved an amazing spot to look down on the crowd on the beach. It's worth noting that 2016 has been the only year to feature the Helter Skelter among the festival entertainment, thus making this a unique opprtunity to get this shot...it may never happen again.

Looking back through the 2016 event reminded me of some other shots I really liked from that weekend and they've now been added to the Event and On Stage galleries. This particular shot could be up there with my favourites from my time shooting at Looe Music Festvial as the opportunity may not arise again, it's a great angle to capture the crowd from - saying that, there aren't many festivals you'll be able to shoot an angle like this, are there?

If you look towards the front of the crowd, there's actually a guy stood on someones shoulders (great effort) - whilst on stage is Ferocious Dog who's a joy to photograph!

If you're quick, I've currently got a poll running on twitter - I'm trying to decide the best gallery to land on when entering my site, it's currently set to land on the Commercial gallery - is this right? What do you think? I'll annouce the results at the end of the poll over the weekend.


Thanks for stopping by, Will


Emails, Emails, Emails

24 April 18

Posted at 7:06

Following on from last weeks email blog - I thought I'd post up another desgin I finished working on today. Featuring 3 different brands, something a little different to what I normally put together. What do you think? Hopefully the results are strong! 


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13 April 18

Posted at 12:58

Social media is massive these days, and I need to up my game! As Facebook is looking more and more like wasted effort with their increasingly complicated algorithm, I've quietly said goodbye to that page with minimal updates - soooo.... take your pick from Instagram and Twitter! Thanks to everyone who decides to hit that follow button.


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N-Photo feature

13 April 18

Posted at 8:00

I'm happy to annouce that I have a double page feature in N-Photo magazine issue 85, due out in just under a month on May 10th - the day before my birthday! Big thanks to Adam and Jason at N-Photo for this, I'll be sure to post the artwork as soon as I get my mitts on it! It's based around my work in the footwear industry, I sent over a bunch of images and answered a lot of questions for them, can't wait to see how it all comes out. 

Image from N-Photo


New domain!

11 April 18

Posted at 9:28

Welcome to the new domain, Willfahyphoto.com is up and running, woo hoo! Any old traffic to willfahy.co.uk will be redirected here! I'll be reorganising my galleries along with a few other tweaks here and there under the hood.

I'll still be running I Shoot Shoes alongside this - but after talking to a lot of people in the industry, I've it's best decided not to keep updating Oh-Kay Music Photography, for now - as exciting as the little venture is, I've figured my time is best invested in willfahyphoto.com, so unfortunately it will be on the backburner for a while, but it's not bad news as I'll still be doing all the same work and it'll be much easier to keep up with everything, as in the words of Toys 'R' Us....it's all under one roof!